Peter F. Martelli, PhD, MSPH

Associate Professor
Healthcare Administration
Sawyer Business School
Suffolk University


Recent Publications
  • Shen GC, Martelli PF, Knox Clarke P, & Roberts KH. (2020). Health Care in Times of War. Academy of Management Perspectives. Advance online publication. [link]. Summarized in AOM Insights. (2020, 14 Dec). Protecting Health Care Workers and Hospitals in War Zones. [link]
  • Alidina S, Martelli PF, Singer SJ, & Aveling E-L. (2019). Optimizing Patient Partnership in Primary Care Transformation: A qualitative study. Health Care Management Review. Advance online publication. [link]
  • Hayirli TC, & Martelli PF. (2019). Gene Drives as a Response to Infection and Resistance. Infection and Drug Resistance. [link]
  • Martelli PF. (2018). Organizing for Reliability in Healthcare. In R. Ramanujam & K. Roberts (Eds.), Organizing for Reliability: A Guide to Research and Practice. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. [link]; Reviewed by Karl Weick in ASQ. [link]
  • Martelli PF, Rivard PE, & Roberts KH. (2018). Caveats for High Reliability in Healthcare. Journal of Health Organization and Management. [link] [download]
  • Hill TE, Martelli PF, & Kuo JH. (2018). A Case for Revisiting Peer Review: Implications for professional self-regulation and quality improvement. PLoS One. [link] [download]
  • Martelli PF & Hayirli TC. (2018). Three Perspectives on Evidence-Based Management. Management Decision. [link1] [link2] [download]

Selected Work in Progress
  • Shen GC, Martelli PF, & Deresse FN. Layered Logic: Institutional Logics Invoked in the Recontextualization of Kaizen in Ethiopia. Submitted.
  • Vassaur H & Martelli PF. Factors Influencing Formalization of a Foregut Sub-Specialty in Surgery. In Preparation.
  • Martelli PF & Cisse M. System Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Guinea-Conakry. In Preparation.
  • Shen GC, Deresse FN, McClelland J, & Martelli PF. Diversity Without, Inclusion Within: Ethnic Integration Into Ethiopia's Industrial Parks. In Preparation.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • Shen GC, Martelli PF, Knox Clarke P, & Roberts KH. (2021, March). Health Care in Times of War. 9th Houston Global Health Conference, Sustainable Global Health Initiatives/Emergency Response track. Online.
  • Martelli PF & Shen GC. (2021, March). Health Care in Times of War. Suffolk University Sawyer Business School Research Seminar. Boston, MA
  • Martelli PF. (2021, February). What Hospitals Miss: Project Update. Sinai and Synapses Conference. New York, NY.
  • Martelli PF [Co-Chair], Verdin P [Co-Chair], Carroll JS, Frese M, Hagen J, Hofmann DA, Lei Z, & Van der Heyden L. (2020, August). Broadening Sight at the Board Level: Perspectives from Error Management Research. Academy of Management Conference. Online. [Link]
  • Martelli PF [Moderator]. (2020, August). HCM Teaching Incubator: Becoming More Effective Instructors. Academy of Management Conference. Online.
  • Martelli PF [Moderator]. Graetz I, Menachemi N, Moffat-Bruce S, & Shaw J. (Withdrawn). Innovation and Practice: Managing Emerging Technology in Healthcare. Organization Theory in Health Care Conference.
  • Martelli PF. (2020, February). Healthcare Spending in the US. Healthcare in America: Interdisciplinary Perspective Panel. Politics, Philosophy & Economics Program, Suffolk University. Boston, MA.
  • Martelli PF (2020, January). An Evidence-based Management Approach to Published Research. Department of Spiritual Care Fellows' Seminar, Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA.
  • Shen GC, Martelli PF, & Deresse FN. (2020, January). When Foreign and Local Institutional Logics Collide: The case of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation. Administrative Science Quarterly – UofSC Darla Moore School of Business "Globalizing Organization Theory" Paper Development Workshop. Columbia, SC.
  • Martelli PF, & Roberts KH. (2019, December). High-Reliability Organizing - Exploring Synergies with Relational Coordination. Relational Coordination Research Collaborative RCRC Café webinar.

Current Editorial Positions
  • Conference Chair, 23rd Annual Conference, Organization Theory in Health Care Association
  • Editorial Board, Special Issue: Errors in Organizations: Exploring New Frontiers, and Developing New Opportunities for Theory, Research and Impact, Academy of Management Discoveries
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue: Strategic Error Management: Implications for Learning, The Learning Organization (postponed to 2021)

Selected Funding (Source, Years)
  • “Health Care in Times of War” (SBS Research Grant, 2020)
  • “Adoption of National Healthcare Quality Policies in Developing Countries: Implementation of the WHO's NQPS in Ghana” (SBS Research Grant, 2019)
  • "System Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Guinea-Conakry" (SBS Research Grant, 2018)
  • "On Evidence-Based Management” (Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative, 2010-11)
  • "Impact Evaluation for Developing Country Health Professionals” (Lowenstein Foundation, 2009-10)
  • “How Organizations Think About the Unthinkable” (National Science Foundation, 2008-10)
  • “Assessing and Managing Failure Vulnerabilities of Interdependent Complex Infrastructure Systems” (NSF, 2009)
  • “Enhancing Reliability in Incident Management Teams” (France-Berkeley Fund, 2007-08)
  • “Using Evidence in Health Management Decisions” (AHRQ/Milbank, 2005-06)

Selected Professional Memberships
  • Academy of Management [link]
  • Africa Academy of Management [link]
  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration [link]
  • Error Management Research Network [link]
  • Organizational Theory in Healthcare Association [link]


Associate Professor at Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School
Awarded the 2019 Sawyer Business School Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching [link]
Awarded the 2016 Suffolk University Graduate Student Association's
Dean John Brennan Award for Outstanding Instruction to Graduate Students [link]
  • HLTH720: Health Systems II: Economics, Law, and Policy, Fall and Spring terms, 2020 to Present, MHA level
  • HLTH707: Evidence-based Healthcare Management, Online Asynchronous, 2020 to Present, MHA level
  • HLTH707: Evidence-based Healthcare Management, Fall and Spring terms, 2019 to Present, MHA level
  • HLTH702: Health Economics, Fall and Spring terms, 2013 to 2019, MHA level
  • HLTH808: Managing Healthcare Organizations, Fall and Spring terms, 2013 to 2019, MHA level
  • HLTH812: Applied Research Methods for Healthcare Management, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, MHA level
  • HLTH830: Organizational Change in Healthcare, Fall terms, 2013 to 2016, MHA level
Research Instructor at Boston University, School of Public Health
  • PM827: Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations, Fall 2012, MPH level
Teaching Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health
  • HPM539: Health Care Organizations and Organizational Behavior, Fall 2011, MPH level, with Sara Singer
Graduate Student Instructor at UC-Berkeley, Haas School of Business
  • ewMBA207: Ethics and Responsibility in Business, Spring 2009, MBA level, with Adam Galinsky
  • UGBA105: Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Fall 2008, Undergraduate level, with Karlene Roberts
  • ewMBA205L: The New Science of Leadership, Spring 2008, MBA level, with Brian Uzzi
  • UGBA105: Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Fall 2007, Undergraduate level, with Jim Lincoln


Center for Catastrophic Risk Management
Co-Director with Prof. Karlene Roberts
The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) undertakes transdisciplinary research on complex organizations where disruptions and failures can have catastrophic consequences. Its research discovers ways to better identify risk mitigation strategies that ultimately improve resilience in these often large sociotechnical systems. Since its establishment in late 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, CCRM has worked with organizations to enhance and augment their crisis and risk management strategies and approaches. The Center is comprised of UC Berkeley faculty and students and experts and practitioners in organizational risk, resilience, and crisis management.

Cardiovascular Health Initiative
Advisory Board Member
Cardiovascular Health Initiative Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed by an independent study student to help healthcare professionals reduce deaths related to heart disease through education, prevention, and intervention in medically underserved areas of developing African countries.
Click here for a profile on Moussa Cisse (MPA '17) and our research activities with CHI in Guinea.

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